Wild Early Morning Police Chase Through West Side Neighborhoods

An attempt to pull over a car that was speeding through a west side neighborhood early today ended with a wild chase and two people in custody, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

Deputies say it started about 12:30AM, when they saw a car going more than 60 mph through a residential area off Marbach.

But when they tried to pull over the vehicle, it sped away instead of pulling over, and the chase was on.

After winding through several neighborhoods after midnight, the car finally stopped on Saddlebrook Street, which is off Hunt Lane, where three people, two men and a woman, jumped out and made a run for it.

The two men were captured with the aid of a law enforcement spotlight helicopter which swept the area, but the woman got away and remains at large.

When deputies returned to the car, they found out why the three has tried to outrun the cops.

Not only was the car itself stolen, but there was a miltiary issue 'flack jacket' inside, and at least one assault style weapon.

Charges of evading arrest andvehicle theft are pending, officials say.

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