Austin Named Best Place To Live By US News & World Report

Texas skyline during golden hour

For the third year in a row Austin has been named the best place in the country to live, according to US News & World Report. San Antonio ranked 34th.

Other Texas cities in the top 100 include Dallas-Forth Worth at No. 21 and Houston at No. 30. US News & World Report says Austin took the No. 1 spot because of its low unemployment rate and higher than average income. Austin also comes in as the fourth-best city to retire to.

The top 10 cities are listed as:

1. Austin, Texas

2. Denver, Colorado

3. Colorado Springs, Colorado

4. Fayetteville, Arkansas

5. Des Moines, Iowa

6. Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota

7. San Francisco, California

8. Portland, Oregon

9. Seattle, Washington

10. Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina

See the full list from US News & World Report.

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