3 Things To Know Today 4-8-19

1 DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen Is OUT

After months of being openly criticized by her boss – and Congress – Kirstjen Nielsen is out as the secretary of Homeland Security. In her resignation letter, Nielsen said she's confident that the nation is safer now than when she joined the administration. Since being confirmed in December 2017, Nielsen noted the administration has "implemented historic efforts to defend our borders, combat illegal immigration, obstruct the inflow of drugs, and uphold our laws and values." She also touted strides in cybersecurity and disrupting terrorist plots against the country. Meanwhile, President Trump has announced that Customs and Border Protection Commissioner Kevin McAleenan will step into the role of acting Department of Homeland Security secretary. Meanwhile, the President has thanked Nielsen for her service via Twitter. Politicians on both sides of the aisle are reacting to the news. The top Democrat in the Senate, Chuck Schumer, marked resignation with a tweet slamming Mr. Trump. He said Nielsen's departure shows that "the most radical voices in the administration aren't radical enough" for the President. Senate Homeland Security Committee Chairman Ron Johnson called for "steady, informed and effective leadership" to help solve the crisis on the border with Mexico. The top Republican on the House Homeland Security Committee Mike Rogers said now-acting DHS Secretary Kevin McAleenan "will have his work cut out for him."

2 Kildee: Congress Has Authority To Demand Trump Tax Returns

Congressman Dan Kildee is weighing in on the controversy over President Trump's tax returns. The Michigan Democrat, who serves on the House Ways and Means Committee, tells ABC's “This Week” that the panel has the legitimate authority to order a tax return on a subject it's deliberating. Kildee also disputes White House claims that releasing the president's tax returns to Congress would amount to “opening Pandora's box.” Kildee said the committee is looking very carefully at whether or not the IRS is properly auditing and enforcing tax law on the president. He added that Congress is considering legislative changes toward that end. As for President Trump's team – his attorney Jay Sekulow is accusing Democrats of trying to use the IRS as a "political weapon" in their demand for Trump's tax returns. Also appearing on “This Week,” Sekulow that Congress must have a legitimate legislative reason to request a citizen's tax returns – and that hasn’t happened in his view (at least so far). He noted that the Supreme Court has ruled that congressional oversight can't become law enforcement.

3 American Airlines Extends Flight Cancellations Into June Due To 737 Max Grounding

Planning to fly on American Airlines? Then you’d do well to check with them before heading to the airport. The carrier is extending its flight cancellations through early June as the Boeing 737 Max remains grounded. Previously, the airline had said it would cancel about 90 flights a day through April 24th. But now? Flights are being canceled through June 5th. As we told you before, Boeing is currently working on upgrades to its software in the aftermath of two deadly crashes involving the 737 Max within five months of each other. In a statement, American Airlines said it continues to wait for the FAA to clear the 737 Max so their fleet can resume flying.

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