Sheriff Fights Crime Wave--In His Own Office

You might want to watch out when walking down the halls of the Bexar County Sheriff's Department, because you might stumble over all the heads that are rolling, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

Sheriff Javier Salazar, hit by continuing revelations of embarrassing behavior by deputies and department employees, said today he has fired six employes, including four deputies, a sergeant, and a civilian dispatcher, just in the past few days.

He said many of the deputies' offenses involved alcohol.

"This deputy was caught drunk while on duty while on duty on a limited duty assignment at the training academy," he said. "No excuse for it whatsoever.

Also sacked was a deputy who was pulled over for DWI Monday night, a sergeant who is accused of punching a man at at H-E-B store in a fight over parking, and a deputy who was involved in several acts of misconduct.

"His was a pattern of behavior, general discharge of duties, performance of duties, language and behavior, conduct unbecoming an officer, violations of law, bringing discredit, immoral conduct, and treatment of persons in custody," he said.

He also fired a deputy who was convicted earlier this week of falsifying an official report. The dispatcher, Salazar said, also had a pattern of misuse of alcohol.

"If you are caught dishonoring this badge, I will make it a point to hunt you down and cut you out like a cancer," Salazar said, saying the vigilance of his officers will continue.

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