Sheriff; Gunman Was Live Streaming Gunbattle With Deputies

Bexar County Sheriff Javier Salazar says Matthew Mireles, 38, the man who is charged with engaging in a gunbattle with law enforcement during a chase from Karnes City to San Antonio, and then shooting Sheriff's K-9 Deputy Chucky to death, was livestreaming the entire thing to post on social media, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

"My understanding is that he was streaming on Facebook at least part of the time," Salazar said.  "So that gives you at least part of an idea of the character of the person we're dealing with."

Mireles is hospitalized with multiple gunshot wounds after he was shot after shooting Chucky after the dog had successfully taken him down during a standoff in far northwest Bexar County.  No social media page containing any video of the incident has been found.

Salazar says Chucky continued to go after the suspect even after he had been mortally wounded by Mireles' shot, what Salazar says is an inspiration, that 'just because you're dead, that doesn't mean you quit.'

Salazar said there is no evidence that Chucky was shot by any of the deputies, and he was killed by one shot fired by Mireles, not two shots as some agencies have reported.

So why wasn't Chucky outfitted with a bullet proof vest?

"Because he was actively involved in a pursuit," he said.  "They didn't have the luxury of backing off and putting that vest on Chucky."

Salazar again praised Chucky and all of the human deputies who were on the scene for their courage and their restraint, in bringing a very dangerous situation to an end without any human law enforcement or civilian casualties.

He says a memorial service for Chucky, with full law enforcement honors, has been scheduled.

"Our memorial service will be on Monday February 4, a week from today, at Community Bible Church."

He says Chucky will also be honored by the 100 Club, which helps the families of law enforcement officers and firefighters who were killed in the line of duty.Salazar says the incident is being fully investigated like all officer involved shootings.

PHOTO: Sheriff Javier Salazar discusses the murder of Chucky while wearing a piece of black tape over his badge, a symbol of mourning for a fallen officer.

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