Ft. Sam Sergeant Nabbed in Undercover Sex Sting

A Ft. Sam Houston Soldier is going to prison after being nabbed in an underage sex sting, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

Prosecutors say Sgt. Rodlando Guzman, 26,  thought that the person he met on line was a 14 year old girl who wanted to have sex with him.  Officials say Guzman texted the person he thought was an underaged girl nude pictures of himself.

Prosecutors say Guzman was arrested when he showed up for the meeting with a box of condoms.  That's when he learned that the '14 year old girl' was a fully grown federal agent, who arrested him for 'Enticement of a Minor.'

A federal judge on Tuesday sentenced Guzman to one year in prison.  The Army is also discharging Guzman for misconduct.

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