Three Men Kick in Door of UTSA Area Apartment, Start Shooting Wildly

A wild scene today in an apartment near UTSA on the city’s northwest side, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

Police say two men were inside their apartment in the 7100 block of UTSA Boulevard when three men started pounding on the front door, then kicked it in, then started shooting wildly inside the apartment.

Several of the slugs were fired through the door of one of the bedrooms.

The two victims said the three men were clearly ‘looking for something,’ but apparently got spooked and ran off, piling into a maroon car and firing one more shot at the apartment for good measure.

Despite all the gunfire, neither of the men in the apartment was hurt.  A slug did pass through the wall into the next apartment and hit a 21 year old woman in the foot.  She was not seriously injured.

Police are looking for the men, and are trying to sort it all out.

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