Both Women Charged in King Jay Cover Up Assaulted in Bexar Jail

Even inmates in the Bexar County Jail are disgusted over the death of King Jay Davila, and the farcical attempt made by his family to cover up the eight month old's death, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

Officials say both Angie Torres and Beatrice Sampayo, who are jailed on charges related to the cartoonish attempt made by the family to hide King Jay's father's alleged culpability in the baby's death, have been assaulted in jail by other inmates.

Torres, 46, who was allegedly seen on video stealing the car that Chsistopher Davila told police his son was it, was attacked by three female inmates in a jail bathroom.  Sampayo, 65, was spat on by another inmate.  She is Christopher's mother and allegedly drove Torres to the location where she stole the car, and later is believed to have disposed of the baby's carseat.

Christopher Davila, who allegedly played video games while his baby boy was dying, is in administrative segregation.

Police say after the little boy fell off a bed, Christopher say a huge welt on his tiny head, but rather than seeking help or calling 9-1-1, he placed the baby in his crib, where he died.Police say when the baby was found dead, the family concocted a preposterous claim that the baby had been in Christopher's car when it was stolen by an 'unknown person.'

They later found King Jay's body stuffed into a backpack and buried in a shallow grave on the northeast side.

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