Sheriff 'Inadvertently' Releases Inmate Despite ICE Detainer


The Bexar County Sheriff says a man who was on an immigration detainer by Immigration and Customs Enforcement was 'inadvertently' released from the Bexar County Jail today, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

In a statement, the Sheriff's office says the inmate, identified as Ricardo Mujica, had been granted probation by a judge on a domestic violence charge, and was 'walked out of the jail with another group of released inmates.'

The Sheriff didn't say why ICE wanted Mujica held.  ICE couldn't be reached for comment, due to a the federal government shutodwn.

The statement said since Mujica is out on probation for state charges, the county has no authority to rearrest him on federal charges, and he is not considered to be 'an escapee.'

Not honoring ICE detainers could be considered in violation of the state law prohibiting 'sanctuary cities.'  It was an accusation that San Antonio Police Chief Bill McManus failed to cooperate with ICE that resulted in the City of San Antonio being sued by the Texas Attorney General.

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