Government Shutdown, So Far, Has Not Slowed Operations at SAT

As the federal government shutdown enters its 25th day, San Antonio International Airport says, so far, so good when it comes to available TSA screeners and the wait times at the TSA security checkpoints, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

Several airports, including Houston Bush Intercontinental, have been forced to close screening checkpoints or entire concourses due to TSA employees not working during the shutdown, when they are not getting paid.  Other airports have reported massive wait times due to a shortage of screeners.

San Antonio Aviation Director Russ Handy says so far, the wait times at SAT are between 10 and 15 minutes on average, which is about normal levels.

"We want to make sure first of all that we maintain the same degree of security for our passengers and the users of our airport," Handy said.  "That cannot be compromised."

Handy is a retired Air Force Lieutenant General, and he says he understands well the personal toll government shutdowns take on federal government employees.  He says local TSA officers are not calling in sick or staging workplace protests, as has happened elsewhere, and he praised them for their professionalism.

"They are without a paycheck right now, and having lived through DoD shutdowns on that side of the aisle, I know how painful that can be."

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