Six Flags Unveils 'Pirates of the Deep Sea' During New January Opening

Six Flags Fiesta Texas held its first January park opening ever over the weekend, and premiered its new signature ride, 'Pirates of the Deep Sea' to enthusiastic visitors, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

The innovative ride delivers the desires of today's park visitors for an interactive, not just a passive experience, according to the park's Sydne Purvis.  She says participants don't just 'ride,' they are part of the attraction.

"Riders are given a musket, and you shoot at pirates all the way through the ride," she said.  "At the end you receive a score, so you can compete not just against the pirates, but also against each other."

During the ride, holographic pirates appear in the mist and are shot by by participants.  At one point, the riders are caught between cannon fire of two competing pirate ships.

"Innovation is part of the Six Flags DNA and this immersive, new interactive ride is packed with so many amazing special effects that guests will truly feel that they are caught in the middle of a raging pirate battle," Park President Jeff Siebert said.  "This is a ride guests of all ages will want to experience again and again with family and friends."

At the end of the ride, participants can see how well they did shooting at pirates with their musket as a score is displayed inside their ride car.

Winter openings are something new for theme parks, which previously were open during the summer vacation season only.  Purvis says Six Flags will be open mainly weekends through February, with its Mardi Gras attractions set to begin, and will expand to every day operation during Spring Break in March, and will be open seven days a week starting in May.

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