Mid-Atlantic States Getting Hit By Winter Storm

Snow storm

At least seven deaths have been  reported in the winter storm that is now hitting the mid-Atlantic states.  Hundreds of thousands of homes from the Carolinas to  Pennsylvania have no power this morning.  In Virginia, Governor Ralph  Northam has declared a state of emergency.  Winter storm advisories and  warnings remain in place along the east coast.  Rain and ice are  impacting travel in the Carolinas and Virginia while farther north in Washington, DC, Maryland, Pennsylvania and New Jersey, several more  inches of snow is expected.  The storm tore through the Midwest  Saturday, causing traffic accidents, stranding motorists and cancelling  flights.  Much of southeastern Nebraska, Illinois, Iowa, Indiana, Ohio  and Kansas are covered in thick snow.  According to FlightAware, nearly  72-hundred flights are delayed today and there are over 12-hundred cancellations.

Photo: Getty Images


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