Fate of Infamous Pro Confederate Plaque in Texas Capitol Could Be Decided

The fate of that Confederate plaque at the state capitol in Austin hangs in the balance, today, as the State Preservation board reviews a request to have it removed, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

The “Children of the Confederacy Creed” claims that slavery was not the cause of the Civil War.  

Historian Allan Lichtman says that's absolutely false.

"While absolutely we should be preserving and studying our history, we should not be publicizing distorted history."

Lichtman, who is an American political historian at American University in Washington, D.C., says many of these confederate monuments when up in the late 1950s as a protest to the Supreme Court's desegregation of public schools.

"Part of that was an attempt to rehabilitate or even celebrate, as you see in this plaque, the southern heritage. That it wasn't oppressive."

Confederate history has been a lightening rid issue in recent Texas history, including the removal of a confederate monument at San Antonio's Travis Park.  

Last November the State Board of Education voted to require Texas public schools to teach that slavery was the central cause of the Civil War.

 Texas Freedom Network Political Director Carisa Lopez says, whether its textbooks or public monuments and memorials, it’s past time to bury the generations-old lie that the Confederacy fought for some noble cause rather than to defend the evil institution of slavery.

"Unless we understand and accept the truth about our nation’s past, it will be much harder to overcome the challenges that still divide us as Americans today."


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