Police Make More Arrests in Missing King Jay Case

Missing baby

San Antonio Police Chief Bill McManus said Thursday night that more members of the Davla family have been arrested in connection with the disappearance of eight month old King Jay Davila Friday night, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

And, McManus said for the first time that detectives believe the little boy is dead, and the fake kidnapping was an effort to cover up his death.

"We believe that they participated in staging the kidnapping to hide King Jay's body, so we couldn't find it to determine what happened to him," McManus said.

Among those arrested on new charges involving alleged attempts to tamper with evidence is King Jays father Chris Davila, as well as Chris's grandmother Beatrice Sampoyo, who allegedly drove Angie Torres to the location on Enrique Barrera where she allegedly posed as a car thief.

He says Angie Torres, Chris' cousin and the woman who is seen on surveillance video walking up to the car that allegedly held King Jay and then driving away, is providing critical information to police.

"Angie described the rout that she and Beatrice took to dispose of he carseat, and Angie said she learned from Beatrice that Christopher had severely injured King Jay," McManus said.

Chris Davila originally called police to report that the baby was stolen in the theft of his car, but McManus days that tale is now unraveling.

But he says detectives do not know what happened to the baby.  Nobody has been charged with murder or any other crimes relating to harming the baby.


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