Congressman Castro Warns Trump Ahead of Tonight's Border Wall Speech

As President Trump prepares to address the nation on his plans for border security and the border wall, San Antonio Congressman Joaquin Castro is already warning of the push back the President will face if he proposes radical measures to build the wall, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

"We will challenge it in every single way that we could," Castro promised.  "In Congress, in the courts, and otherwise.  And I hope that the President will take a different path."

President Trump in the last several days has suggested that he might declare a National Emergency, which could give him extraordinary powers to circumvent Congress and order the border wall built.

"It would be profoundly inappropriate for the President of the United States to circumvent the legislative branch of the United States government, the United States Congress, and single handedly, against the will of the American people and the American Congress, put up a border wall."

Castro made the comments in Alamagordo New Mexico, where he is leading the Congressional Hispanic Caucus, which he chairs, in an investigation into the deaths of two illegal immigrant children who have died in Border Patrol custody in the past month.

1200 WOAI will broadcast President Trump's 'eight minute speech' live starting at 8 PM.

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