Staff Psychologist Will Try to Make Changes at Sheriff's Office

Bexar County Sheriff Javier Salazar today announced the hiring of psychologist Dr. Brandy Burke, who will work with deputies and staffers, as well as be involved in the hiring process to try to prevent troubled individuals from joining the department, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

This comes after 23 deputies and staffers were arrested during 2018, mainly for drunk driving and family violence charges.

Salazar says he wants to change the current system, which he says is'flawed.'

"If you're building a home, you know what tools you need," he said.  "The problem is, the tools didn't exist here."

Dr. Burke says it will be a big job.

"There is no challenge that is too big," she said.  "We will work it out."

Dr. Burke will conduct special classes for deputies, will have input into the hiring process, and will help deputies who are troubled due to on the job issues, like being involved in an officer involved shooting, or a particularly disturbing case, and with deputies who are going through outside issues, like divorce or alcohol abuse, which may make them prone to self destructive behavior.

She said the Sheriff has already taken a big step toward culture change.

"The fact that you have already had so many people work on the problem and not deny it, is huge," she said.

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