SAPD Back at W. Side Park Today as Missing Baby Case Gets More Complex

San Antonio Police are back at Rodriguez Park on the city's west side today, as they continue to search for leads in the increasingly emotional disappearance of eight month old King Jay Davila, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

"Detectives are doing their due diligence in searching every place in that park, including the body of water that is in there," McManus told reporters in a Sunday night briefing.

But the case is getting more and more contentious, as the extended Davila family is publicly blasting police efforts, rejecting police evidence that the boy's father, Christopher Davila, was involved in the kidnapping, and even finding 'evidence' to show off to the media and use to claim that detectives are not doing their jobs.

The family told police late Sunday of evidence that there was a human body in a lake in Rodriguez Park.  McManus says officers and San Antonio Fire Department dive units entered the park and found nothing.

"There have been reports of a body being found in Rodriguez Park, and that is not the case," McManus stressed.  "There was no body found."

McManus also said forensic tests are being done on a baby bottle that was found at the park by the family.

The eight month old was in a carseat in the back seat of the family car Friday night when Christopher stopped the car in a parking lot on busy Enrique Barrera Parkway on the west side, left the car running and the doors unlocked, and walked into a business.

Almost immediately, surveillance video shows a woman making a beeline for the car, getting in and driving away.

McManus said he thinks the 'kidnapping' case was a 'set up' and that Christopher and the still unidentified woman were involved in it.  Davila is jailed on charges of child endangerment.

Rodriguez Park is the focus of the probe because that's where the car was found abandoned, without the baby, the carseat he was in, or the keys.

The FBI has been called in to help with the case, despite the fact that agents are not getting paid due to the government shutdown.

A Davila family member immediately claimed that the real reason the FBI is involved is that the SAPD realized that it can not handle the investigation.

PHOTO: Chief William McManus briefs the media on the latest in the disappearance of King Jay Davila Sunday night

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