Geriatric Specialist Urges Seniors to Get Active in 2019

by Morgan Montalvo

 WOAI News 

An Austin geriatric specialist is urging seniors to make 2019 their year for improved wellness, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.  

Dr. Liam Fry with UT-Austin's Dell Medical School recommends that  elders look past barriers that discourage starting an exercise program -  cold weather or lack of a workout partner, for example - and get  active, outdoors or indoors. 

"Even if it's with your walker, or your cane," Fry says, "anything to  keep moving more is helpful. It doesn't need to be dramatic. It just  needs to be consistent." 

Fry says, as with younger people, seniors should avoid setting  unrealistic goals and focus on what's doable on a day-to-day basis. 

"For an older adult, really just walking more, taking a few more steps.  If you're already walking, doing a second walk a day or, if you're  walking two times a week,walk three times a week," Fry says. 

Studies, Fry says, confirm a benefit of exercise called the "training  effect," increased muscle mass and improved cognitive function, among  active people well into their 90s. 

She says based upon age alone,  there's no point in time that a person cannot benefit  from increased physical activity. 

Fry also suggests consulting a doctor before starting any prolonged exercise regimen.


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