31 Apply for City Manager Job

It looks like the City Manager's office will continue to bear the imprint of Sheryl Sculley long after the 13 year manager has retired, News Radio 1200! WOAI reports.

Six of Sculley's deputy and assistant city managers are among the 31 people who applied for Sculley's job before Thursday's deadline.

They include Carlos Contreras, who is credited with rescuing last year's Tricentennial event following an auditing crisis, Lori Houston, who headed the team that led to the amazing renaissance of downtown over the past decade, and budgeting expert Maria Villagomez.

Despite salary and term limits restrictions imposed by the 2018 Firefighters Union charter revisions, the applicants include current managers and deputy managers from  Dallas, Corpus Christi, Florida, Las Vegas, New York state, and even the City Manager of Edmonton,Ontario, Canada.

City Council will begin to whittle down the list next week, and hopes to be down to five finalists by the end of January.

Those finalists will meet with citizens and community groups at public hearings before a final decision is made by City Council.

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