The Hill Country Could See Freezing Rain on Wednesday Morning


Chance of Light Freezing Rain across the Hill Country and portions of Central Texas Wednesday

Area of Concern:

Hill Country and portions of Central Texas. (see attached graphic)

Threats & Impacts:Expected Accumulations:  Too soon to determine exact amounts, however a light glaze is possible on mainly elevated and metal surfaces.Impacts:  Some slick spots possible on elevated bridges and overpasses.

Timing and Overview:

Cold conditions are forecast to develop across  South Central Texas to start the New Year. Weather models are indicating  a chance of rain developing late Tuesday night through Wednesday  evening across South Central Texas, at the same  time surface temperatures across the Hill Country and portions of  Central Texas reach freezing. This could result in light freezing rain  across this region. 

It should be stressed there is uncertainty on temperatures as well as timing and amounts of precipitation.

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