360 View: Alamodome Ready For Alamo Bowl

The Alamodome is ready for its close up.

News Radio 1200  WOAI reports that the field in the stadium is ready for Friday night's  Alamo Bowl, with the end zones painted with the team colors of  Washington State and Iowa State, as the Big Twelve and Pac Twelve teams  prepare to battle Friday night.

Alamo Bowl President Derrick Fox  says the $60 million in improvements made to the dome ahead of this  year's NCAA Final Four really shine during the game.

"We really  kicked it off last year with our game, all new, four video walls, the  four ribbon boards are a key aspect of it, Wi-Fi."

The Alamo Bowl is regularly one of the top rated bowls on ESPN's schedule, and Friday night should be no exception.

"Now we have some new toys and we'll be able to put them to good use," Fox said.

Fans  of the two teams have already begun to converge on the Riverwalk, and  they are appreciating San Antonio weather, despite the rain and  thunderstorms.  The temperature this morning in Ames, Iowa was 34  degrees, and it was 27 in Pullman, Washington.

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