West Side Man Shoots, Wounds Car Burglar

Once again, crime has proven to be a very dangerous business for the criminal, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

Bexar County Sheriff's Deputies say a far west side homeowner shot and wounded a man he caught breaking into his car in his driveway early today.

It happened on Sundance Fort Street, which is off SH 211.

Deputies say the man noticed the burglar inside his car and went out to investigate, and he took his handgun just in case.

The homeowner and the wanna-be burglar argued, and the homeowner fired twice, hitting the burglar in the head.  He was rushed to the hospital with non life threatening wounds.  The homeowner was not hurt.

Items apparently stolen in other car burglaries in the area were found in the burglar's car.

No word yet on whether any charges will be filed against the homeowner, but the Castle Doctrine law allows the use of deadly force to protect property in the night time.

Earlier this month, a man who was trying to steal auto repair equipment from the front yard of a home on San Antonio's southwest side was shot and killed by the homeowner.

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