Last Night's Victory Pushes Pop to Number Four in NBA Wins by a Head Coach

Last night's Spurs victory was a big win for the team, but it was an even bigger win for future Hall of Fame Head Coach Gregg Popovich, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

The victory was Pop's 1,211th NBA victory, pushing him past Pat Riley to become the fourth winningest head coach in NBA history.

Pop will probably become number three before the end of this season.  Jerry Sloan is just ten games ahead with 1,221 NBA victories.

But number two and number one might be a bit harder for the 69 year old head coach.  Number two Lenny Wilkins, with 1,332 NBA wins, is more than 120 victories ahead of Pop.  The all time leader, Don Nelson, has 1,335.

The final score of last night's Spurs victory was 111-86.


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