Would be Thief Shot and Killed by Homeowner

A would be thief was shot and killed by a southwest side homeowner this morning, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

"This case is a matter of a homeowner protecting his property," Police Chief Bill McManus said.  "The man makes a living as a mechanic and the deceased was trying to steal his car jack.  Shots were fired and the thief wound up dead down the road."

Police arrived at the address on Jennings St, which is south of Highway 90, after they were called by the homeowner.

"There was a jack under a car, and he (the thief) was putting the car up on blocks trying to get the jack out, and he did, it's in the back seat of his car.  The owner tried to stop him, and unfortunately, it cost the guy his life."

He says the homeowner tried to stop the thief by 'hanging onto the car' after confronting him in the front yard.  He says the thief was shot during a struggle.

McManus says the man makes his living as a mechanic and was working on the car in his front yard.

The chief says the thief tried to sped away, but crashed into a tree.McManus says he doesn't expect any charges to be fired against the homeowner who fired the shot 'in the dead of night.'

He says he doesn't know of any prior relationship between the thief and the gunman.

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