Mayor: Committee Will Examine Mandatory Sick Leave Ordinance

Mayor Nirenberg told the South San Antonio Chamber of Commerce today that he is willing to examine the city's controversial and endangered mandatory sick pay ordinance in light of several business groups, including the South San Antonio Chamber, calling for its repeal, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

"We're putting together an ad hoc committee, composed of a cross-sections of our community, including small business owners, workers, and City Council members, to get this policy right," the Mayor said in today's remarks.

Nirenberg said he is aware that both the courts and the Legislature are moving to strike down mandatory sick pay laws, and several business groups this week urged that the  city ordinance, which was passed in August and is set to take effect next month, be scrapped.

"I am listening to your concerns, and I want your input, as the city works on this policy, in the event that we still have this policy once the Legislature is done."

The proposal was approved after labor and community activist groups obtained enough signatures to either have Council approve it immediately, or to put is up for a public vote, and Council decided to approve it immediately.

The Mayor didn't say what changes, if any, he would support in the city ordinance.

Nirenberg also discussed other key priorities, including next year's planned transportation proposal, the city's successes in attracting new employers, and the rise of the south side.

"If you could pick a time in history to live in San Antonio, this would be the time you would pick," he said.

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