Another 18 Wheeler Wreck Closes Infamous Finesilver Curve Overnight

The infamous Finesilver Curve claims another 18 wheeler overnight, but this time it wasn't the trucker's fault, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

The curve which sweeps traffic from Interstate 35 onto westbound Interstate 10 in front of the historic Finesilver Building northwest of downtown has been the scene of several accidents over the years, many caused by big 18 wheelers taking the curve, which is actually more dangerous than it looks, too fast.

But that wasn't the problem in last night's wreck.

Police say a flatbed 18 wheeler which was hauling five large spools of tension wire that is used to construct the barriers between highway lanes was cut off by a car as it attempted to make the curve.

The truck swerved to avoid the car, lost control, and tipped over.

A man and a woman inside the cab of the truck were hospitalized with non life threatening injuries.

The curve had to be closed for several hours because a diesel fuel tank on the truck burst open, spilling flammable fuel on the highway.

The car that caused the wreck sped away, police say the driver may not even have been aware of the damage his actions caused.

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