H-E-B and Suppliers Donating 3 Million Lbs of Produce in Holiday Campaign

The annual H-E-B Harvest from the Heart is on track to gather 3 million pounds of fresh fruit and vegetables for the San Antonio Food Bank to distribute to needy families in the San Antonio area over the Christmas season, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

H-E-B makes donations, but so do the grocery chain's suppliers, haulers, and even the farmers who grow the produce.

Robbie Pfeifer is with Catalani Produce, a major H-E-B supplier, which has contributed to the program since it began in 2011.

"15.8 million pounds of fresh fruits and vegetables have been donated," she said.  "That represents 368 tractor trailer loads."

San Antonio Food Bank President Eric Cooper says his agency will distribute the food to hundreds of needy families across the region.

Todd Wright, from H-E-B, says its an amazing program to be a part of.

"This program makes it possible for the San Antonio Food bank to distrubute roughly 3 million pounds of healthy, delicious, and nutritious produce to the sixteen counties that they serve," he said.

H-E-B has similar programs all across Texas and northern Mexico.

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