World's Worst Immigrant Smuggler Gets Ten Years

The good news for a 43 year old illegal immigrant from Mexico---he'll get to stay in the U.S. for ten whole years.  The bad news, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports, his accommodations will be in a federal prison, after he was sentenced in a horribly bungled attempt to smuggle immigrants into the U.S. which ended in the death of one of his cunning team of criminals.  .Federal prosecutors say Hector Aguilar-Portugal came up with the brilliant scheme to smuggle immigrants into the U.S. while he was in prison in Pecos for another offense.

When he got out, Aguilar-Portugal teamed up with another ex con and that man's nephew to collect $3,000 per immigrant to get them into the U.S. illegally across the Rio Grande at Del Rio.

But smuggling immigrants is harder than it looks, as Aguilar-Portugal suddenly learned the hard way.

After entering the U.S. at night, the three would be master criminals ran right into the Border Patrol. When they turned to run, they fell into a canal and the nephew drowned.

The other two finally made it back to land, where both were arrested, and the other ex-con immediately pointed the finger at Aguliar-Portugal.

The three illegals who had clearly picked the wrong people to get them into the U.S. were immediately deported.    

Thanks to rolling on Aguilar-Portugal, the other ex con in the plot got 21 years.



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