Petitions Urge Whataburger to Dump Styrofoam

San Antonio based Whataburger is being urged by customers to find an alternative to styrofoam in its drink cups, because improperly disposed styrofoam frequently harms wildlife, especially when it ends up in waterways, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

Whataburger was presented with a petition bearing more than 50,000 signatures, according to activist Emma Pabst, who was participating at a demonstration outside a Whataburger restaurant last night.

"We want them to stop using polystyrene foam cups, more commonly called styrofoam," she said.  "We've collected more than 53,000 signatures all around the ten states where Whataburger operates, urging them to take this action."

Daniel Ramirez was also part of the demonstration.

"Whataburger could switch to alternatives, such as paper, bamboo, any other cumbustable materials," he said.  "That is the response we would like to see from Whataburger today."

Whataburger, in a statement, said it is considering all alternatives for its drink cups, but stressed that it is critical that the alternative that is chosen keep customers' drinks hot or cold.  

"We have a lot to consider from a quality and supply perspective in meeting out customers' expectations," the company said.

In the meantime, Whataburger says it will urge customers to dispose of styrofoam cups responsibly.



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