Both On Line and In Store Rule This Holiday Season

The Texas based retail marketing company JLL has released its annual consumer survey of holiday shoppers, and discovers that even if we buy products at a traditional store, some of our buying process will take place on line, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

JLL's survey of one thousand shoppers found that even shoppers who are buying at brick and mortar retailers will do ordering, research, see product reviews, and get inspiration to find the right gift on line.

For example, 39.1% will look for deals or coupons on line before entering the store.  That's up from 21.9% who did that just last year.

34.5% of us will go on line to check product reviews, 30% will get gift ideas or inspiration, and 21.9% will check store inventory, all of which are up sharply from Christmas of 2017

.As far as consumer trends, JLL reports men plan to spend more than women this holiday, with 30/6% of men planning to spend $750 or more on gifts.  26% of women plan to spend that much.

Millennial women plan to shop at department stores this holiday, while Baby Boomer women will shop at discounters.

Consumers will be splitting their spending between brick and mortar stores and on line, although many of the on line purchases will be from a standard retail store chain, like  As many as 50% of shoppers say the plan to order items on line to be picked up at a store, largely so they can keep the gift private, no big box arriving at the front door, and they can make sure they have the item wrapped and ready to go in time for Christmas.

Higher income shoppers plan to start their Christmas shopping earlier.  A significant number of shoppers who make $75,000 or more a year have already begun their Christmas shopping.

What are the most respected retail brands?

JLL says in order they are:





Best Buy



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