City Commemorates Victims of S.A. Motor Vehicle Wrecks in 2018

The City of San Antonio today is commemorating the lives of the 122 people who have died in the city this year from roadway accidents, Nws Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

That is higher than the 114 who had died in crashes at this time last year.It is part of the Vision Zero campaign, which is designed to crack down on the causes of roadway crashes, from driver inattention to poorly designed roads.

One of the most significant ways we can honor those who have lost their lives on San Antonio roadways is to educate others on safe driving, biking and walking practices,” said Art Reinhardt, Assistant Director for the City of San Antonio’s Transportation & Capital Improvements department. “Deaths caused by roadway crashes are sudden and traumatic, but are also avoidable. We want our community to understand the importance of traffic safety in order to prevent future deaths. Through placing these signs in an area that has a history of high traffic incidents, we can reach the community in a very tangible way.”

 The date will be marked by the installation of signs along roadways honoring traffic accident victims, as well as signs being installed along Culebra Rd. on the city's west side, which is noted for having a high frequently of pedestrian accidents and fatalities, reminding both pedestrians and drivers that 'their decisions make a difference.

'One of the most significant causes of motor vehicle pedestrian accidents and fatalities is pedestrians who try to dash across darkened stretches of roadway away from marked and lighted crosswalks.  Frequently, drivers don't see them until the last minute.


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