Routine Traffic Stop Leads to High Speed Chase

Bexar County lawmen were involved in a wild chase with a motorcyclist overnight, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.It began when a Bexar County deputy tried to pull over the motorcyclist at I-10 and New Braunfels for a routine traffic violation.

But the motorcyclists sped up, winding through the east side and downtown at speeds of up to 85 miles an hour.

He turned up I-10, got off at Fresno, and turned onto Hildebrand, eventually turning into Elsmere Pl, which he didn't realize is a dead end.

He jumped off of his motorcycle and tried to run onto the access road of I-10 when he was tazed by deputies and eventually captured.

Then detectives realized why he had run.  He was loaded down with drugs, and also had a gun in his pocket.

The biker, in his twenties, will end up facing a stack of felony charges, far more serious than whatever the deputy wanted to ticket him for.


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