Man Charged With Forcing 16 Year Old Runaway to Work as a Prostitute

Bexar County Sheriff's detectives say a 24 year old man was forcing a teenaged runaway girl to work as a prostitute, and was pocketing $1,000 a day from her work, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

Eric Taylor was arrested today on charges of continuous trafficking of persons, and Sheriff Javier Salazar says additional charges are expected.

Salazar says Taylor worked out of an unlicensed club.

"Detectives became aware of a sexually oriented business on the south side of the county called MGM," he said.  "It was a full-nude club, after hours, unlicensed, where they were engaging in what we believed to be sexual activity, human trafficking activity.

"He says when detectives arrived they encountered Taylor with the 16 year old, who was a runaway from another city in Texas.  He says Special Victim Unit officers managed to get the girl to work with them, but it wasn't easy.

He says they started by getting her away from Taylor and into a shelter.

"But unfortunately, as is the case with these type of cases, that female did leave the location of her own free will, and ended up back in the company of Mr. Taylor several times."

Sheriff's Detective Marquisa Hunt says it is believed that Taylor forced as many as ten other females to work for him turning tricks, and turning over all their money to him.

"I will say that some of them were runaways, and some of them were juveniles," she said.

Taylor is charged with Continuous Trafficking of Persons.  He says it is possible that additional charges will be leveled against him, and other people may be charged in the case.


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