Record Cold Overnight---But No Snow!

The mercury fell to 28 degrees officials at San Antonio International just before midnight Tuesday night, breaking the record for the coldest November 13th ever in San Antonio, smashing a record that was set way back in 1907, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

Temperatures early this morning were in the upper 20s across the region, in the lower 20s in the Hill Country.

But no snow flurries were reported, because the skies remained clear.

The freeze warning will expire later this morning and clear skies and sunny conditions will allow temperatures to rise into the upper 50s today, and back into the 60s tomorrow.

NOTE:  When you are trying to remove ice from your windshield this morning, do NOT succumb to the temptation to dump boiling water onto the car.  It will melt the ice, but there is a good chance it will also crack that windshield, leaving you with a big repair bill on a chilly morning.


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