Extra Efforts Underway to Help Homeless in November Cold Snap

With the temperature expected to fall to or even below freezing tonight, a major effort is underway to fan out to help the thousands of homeless people living on San Antonio city streets, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

Kenny Wilson, who heads the Haven for Hope homeless campus northwest of downtown, says two dining halls have been opened for overflow crowds to make sure there is room out of the cold for everybody.

Wilson says they are also actively seeking donations of warm clothes, pointing out that most of San Antonio's homeless are not ready for this kind of weather.

"We need mens, womens, and childrens," he said.  "We have over 200 children at Haven for Hope."

San Antonio's homeless population is increasing, despite the strong economy, due largely to rising housing prices, which have raised low end rent prices and forced many marginal families out of their apartments.

"We do everything we can to make it as comfortable and possible, including opening buildings where they can be indoors 24 hours a day," Wilson said.

People who work with the homeless in places like San Antonio say many are completely unaccustomed to freezing weather, so extra steps must be taken to try to prevent people from freezing to death under bridges.

"When it is cold, like it is now, we open up two dining halls and other areas, so everyone can get inside who wants to."


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