Interactive Exhibit at Witte Museum Chronicles 'Columbian Exchange'

by Morgan Montalvo

WOAI News 

It’s a social studies concept that Texas public school students learn  and re-learn during their years in the classroom: the Columbian  Exchange. 

Now, the Witte Museum animates the Age of Exploration trade  development that changed life in both the Old and New Worlds, WOAI News  reports. 

The  Witte’s interactive Columbian Exchange exhibit features paintings that  appear to spring to life when viewed though e-tablets, says Amy  Fulkerson, the museum’s chief curator. 

“It’s  not just a work of art; it’s fully integrated with augmented reality,”  Fulkerson says of the six primary and 16 smaller images created by  painter Luis Moro for the interactive display. 

“That is the one way to fully experience the art in its entirety,” Fulkerson says. 

The exhibit is part of the museum’s Confluence of Culture series and an official San Antonio Tricentennial activity. 

Fulkerson  describes the exhibit as “less formal” than a traditional art exhibit  and “far more engaging in terms of how we’re using technology.” 

The Columbian Exchange exhibit runs through the end of December.



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