Bexar County Stands Up Center Dedicated to Helping Vets Leaving the Service

Bexar County picked Veterans Day to announce a new service center to help people who are transitioning out of the military, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

It will be located right outside the gates of Ft. Sam Houston, and Commissioner Kevin Wolff, who is a Navy veteran, says the goal will be to lead veterans to training and job opportunities.  

"We talk about this as a country, we need to transition our veterans better," Wolff said.  "But we really don't do a great job of that."

The center will also be directly involved in cutting down on the number of homeless veterans, and fighting drug abuse.

“San Antonio is home to nearly 250,000 veterans and 80,000 active-duty military. With one in eight Bexar County residents tied to the military, it’s imperative that Military City, USA continues to support our military veterans’ transition to civilian life,” stated Rep. Will Hurd, who served alongside members of the Armed Forces during his nearly decade of service in the CIA. “The Bexar County Military Transition Center will ensure that our brave veterans receive the support they deserve so they can continue contributing to our community and our economy long after they leave the military.”

The Center will also work directly with employers and employer groups like the North San Antonio Chamber of Commerce to help the transitioning vets secure good jobs in the community.

The center will target military members who are within six months of leaving the service, and begin to acquaint them with the programs and services which will be available to them.

“It is an important decision when a Marine, Soldier, Sailor or Airman decides to leave the military, “stated Precinct 2 Commissioner Paul Elizondo.  “Sometimes they have a job lined up, or have plans to use their G.I. Bill to go to college. Unfortunately, some vets need assistance in making the transition to civilian life.  It is our duty and responsibility to make sure they are presented with the best options available to them to ensure their success.”


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