Unauthorized Entry Led to Two Morning Lockdowns at Ft. Sam Houston

Military Police say a vehicle enter the base this morning by blasting through the Schofield Road gate at the southwest side of Ft. Sam Houston without stopping for the security forces, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

The incident prompted two lockdowns at the post, and forced the Ft. Sam ISD to operate on a delayed schedule.

Officials say Security Forces pursued the vehicle through the post.  The two people in the vehicle abandoned it and tried to flee on foot.

One of them was apprehended and is being questioned, but the other one remains at large.S

ecurity Forces and San Antonio Police are searching for that person.

Officials didn't say why they think the vehicle failed to stop for the guards,but indicate that 'every measure is being taken to ensure the safety of our service members, their families and civilian employees.'


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