Southern California Bar Shooting Leaves At Least 13 Dead

California shooting

A Southern California sheriff says  "there's blood everywhere" at the country dance hall where 13 people  were killed in a mass shooting last night.  The Borderline Bar and Grill  in Thousand Oaks was hosting an event and reportedly packed with  hundreds of college students when shots rang out before midnight.   Eyewitness accounts say the shooter was dressed in black and wearing a  trench coat, and that he tossed a smoke grenade into the bar before  opening fire with a handgun.  Ventura County Sheriff Geoff Dean says  some inside the bar broke windows to escape the gunfire, and some hid in  the attic and in restrooms.   Shots were still being fired when  officers arrived on the scene.  At least 13 people were killed,  including the gunman, and over a dozen others were injured in the  attack.  Among the dead is Sergeant Ron Helus, a long-time member of the  Ventura County Sheriff's Department.

Photo: Getty Images


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