San Antonio Annexation Fails in Most Lopsided Vote Ever

In local races, it turns out that people who live in rural Bexar County near Camp Bullis REALLY don't want to become part of San Antonio, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

After the Texas Legislature last year outlawed cities annexing rural areas without the consent of the people who live in those areas, San Antonio placed two annexation measures on the ballot in yesterday's election.

In what may be the most lopsided election in local history, only 4% of people who live in fast growing Leon Springs said they want to join the city.  96% said no.

It was a little bit closer on the southwest side, where 15% of people who live their Lackland AFB voted for annexation.

Under the state law, the residents approved what was called Option 2, which will allow the city to regulate growth in the neighborhoods to protect the future of Camp Bullis and Lackland, but the city will not offer city services or charge residents property taxes.


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