Okay, So When to All Those Political Signs Have to be Gone?

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Election Day may be over, but you're going to have to live with those campaign signs for a little bit longer, Newsradio 1200 WOAI reports.

Bexar County Elections Coordinator Jacque Callanen says the parties and the candidates have ten days to take down their political ads, which have been hung on fences, poles, walls and buildings.  But, she admits, there is little they can do if someone leaves the signs up.

"I think the worst we can say is a little ill will," she says.

Politicians and political action committees pay big bucks for signs and each one is registered with the county.  If signs are left up for too long, they can look at the sticker and find out who is to blame.  

But if the past is any indication, there are some signs that will be up forever.

"All of us have driven around and have seen signs that have been there two years or three years."

She says in the past, some school art teachers have grabbed old political signs and used them for projects.  The material that they're printed on can be useful.  Hopefully, she says, that will happen after this election, too.

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