Voting Steady at Bexar County Polls

Turnout is a lot lighter at the Bexar County polls on Election Day than it was during early voting, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

Elections Administrator Jacque Callanan says about 125,000 people are expected to cast ballots today.  That compares with 400,000 who voted during the two weeks of early voting.That would mean that nearly three quarters of the total vote will have been cast during early voting.

"We normally see a large turnout in the morning as people are going to work," Callanan said.  "We did see those lines today, they weren't as long, but we are attesting that to the fog."

Callanan says if you are in line at the polls by 7PM, when the polls are set to close, you will be allowed to cast a vote.

She says don't forget to bring your photo i.d., because the state's controversial Voter ID law has been upheld in the courts.

And watch what you wear to the polls.

"Campaign paraphernalia, a hat, a button, a shirt, a scarf, we have seen all kinds of that, and that is not permitted in the poll site," she said

.North side turnout continues to lead the county, with he largest turnout today at Aue elementary school, near I-10 and Boerne Stage Road.

Callanan expects the early voting totals to be released about 7:15 tonight, with the first totals from today's voting expected to be out by 8PM.


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