Newlyweds Killed in Uvalde County Chopper Crash

An incredibly tragic story is coming out following a helicopter crash in Uvalde County on Sunday, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

Posting by friends on social media, and the student newspaper at Sam Houston State in Huntsville say two of the three people killed in the crash were newlyweds who were leaving their wedding and reception Saturday night at a Uvalde County ranch, when their Bell 206-B helicopter crashed into a hillside.  Friends say the pilot of the helicopter also died in the crash in Chalk Bluff Park.

The Houstonian newspaper identifies the newlyweds as Agricultre Engineering senior Will Byler, and his wife of just a few hours, Agriculture communication senior Bailee Ackerman Byler.

In a flurry of social media posts, friends recall the couple as very much in love, and the loss as 'enormous.'

"Family and friends gathered around to watch these two become one at their most magical, fairytale wedding," wrote Madi Wagner, who did the couple's wedding photography.  "These two spent their last day on this earth celebrating with their most cherished loved ones- I believe it truly was the best day of their lives. I am so saddened by this news, but now Mr. & Mrs. Byler will join our Jesus in heaven and have the most abundant marriage with no troubles, no temptation, no worries."

Friends also said the pilot of the helicopter, who has not been identified, was also killed in the crash.

The couple was described in postings by friends as 'very much in love' and 'a delight to be around.'

"To see all of the people that loved these two so greatly is a blessing," Wagner wrote. "As a Christian i know that God’s hands are upon them and what better honeymoon could anyone ever imagine than entering those gates and spending their first days as husband and wife at God’s right hand. I hope Will & Bailee know just how much we all love them."

The National Transportation Safety Board is on the scene heading the investigation, and is expected to release more details later today.



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