'Barbecue Killer' Gets the Max

A vicious killer is going away for life.

News Radio 1200 WOAI reports a 32 year old man who was convicted of beating a victim to death because he blamed the man for a drug deal gone bad, and then cutting up his body and burning the body parts in his backyard barbecue grill was sentenced to life in prison, the maximum, at the Bexar County Courthouse this morning.

Daniel Lopez was considered to be a threat during his trial, and extra deputies were brought in for safety.

The earliest that Lopez can even see a parole officer is 2048, and if he should be granted parole when he is in his sixties, he must remain on probation for life.

And this may not be the end of Lopez' problems.  Testimony at his trial indicated that before the grisly murder of Jose Luis Menchaca, 35, in 2014 he had previously shot and killed a woman and disposed of her body in the same manner.



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