Armed Robbery--Its Not as Easy as it Looks on TV

Combine an incompetent armed robber and a bungling getaway driver, and things work out about the way you would anticipate, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

The caper began about 1AM, when a man stuck up the McDonalds at I-10 and Ralph Fair Rd. on the northwest side at gunpoint.

But that's when the cunning crime began to unravel, because a Sheriff's Deputy immediately got information about the bandit, and drove to a nearby apartment complex where he saw another man, who turned out to be the suspect's brother, run out of an apartment and take the wheel of the getaway SUV.

With the deputy in hot pursuit, the man drove down I-10 toward the city, and was attempting to get onto Loop 1604 going eastbound, when he turned into the parking lot of Applebees by mistake.

He then compounded his misery when he tried to jump the curb and drove across the grassy median to get back onto the Loop 1604 entrance ramp, but only succeeded in smashing into two cars.

The robbery suspect broke his leg and was charged with aggravated robbery at University Hospital.  The brother was arrested for evading as well as for back warrants

.Nobody in the cars he hit was hurt, but the incident did wind up shutting down the entrance to Loop 1604 for several hours.



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