Why Aren't San Antonians Getting Flu Shots?

We're not getting our flu shots, and Clover Health, a local Medicare Advantage Provider which conducted the stdy, says the reasons we're giving don't make any sense, News radio 1200 WOAI reports.

Nurse Practicioner Linda Okafor says in September when Clover surveyed local residents 60 years old and older, 78% said they planned to get a flu shot this year.But when they followed up last week, only 43% had actually rolled up their sleeves and done so.

"A lot of them are afraid that they may get sick from the flu vaccine, and another common reason is they don't think they need to to be health, or to stay healthy," she said.

And she says neither of those reasons make much sense, especially considering that flu vaccine is inexpensive and readily available, unlike previous yeas when people had to stand in long lines to get a shot.

While you may get some temporary aches from the flu shot, it is nothing compared to a bout with the flu.  And she says 80,000 Americans died of the flu last year, and some 900,000 had to be hospitalized, so it is a serious threat to health.

And she says this is shaping up to be a serious flu season.

"Since early last month, we are already getting alarms about Flu-A being detected already, and this is early," she said.  "So the fact that it is being detected now is very concerning."

She says flu vaccines are still available at many places, and it is not too late to get your shot, because the height of the season won't some until the holidays and after.


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