Bexar County Sheriff Unveils New Drone Fleet

Call it Bexar in the Air!The Bexar County Sheriff today unveiled its new fleet of drones, which officers say will give the department the 'tactical edge' they need in standoffs, SWAT situations, and other dicey situations, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

Sheriff Javier Salazar says, just like the robots which have helped resolve standoffs in the past few months, the drones will get the job done without putting deputies in danger.

"This certainly shows the future of policing, not just in the nation but in the world," Salazar said.  "Here at the sheriff's office we are trying our best to keep up with that technology as it evolves."

Salazar says the drones were expensive, but were paid for by criminals, through seized assets.The drones can take pictures and show where suspects are hiding, venture into places where armed suspects may shoot or tear gas and other gases may be present, and can even fly through windows into homes where suspects may be holding hostages.