Halloween: Its Not for Pets

Halloween is not the best time of year for dogs and cats, and San Antonio Animal Care Services says there are steps you can take to help your pets get through a holiday that baffles and frightens them, NEws Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

She says try to keep your pets inside, and, if possible, away from trick or treaters at the door.

"Not all pets are really into Halloween like we are," spokeswoman Lisa Norwood said.  "Leave your pet at home, they are not interested in going trick or treating."

She says even pets who in normal times are friendly and love kids can be spooked by the costumes and the rituals of Halloween.

"Our outdoor pets are sometimes the target of seemingly harmless pranks," she said.  "Your best bet is to bring outdoor pets inside."

She says it is not a good idea to try to 'dress up' a pet in a Halloween costume, because that will add to an already stressful evening. Don't try to feed your pet chocolate, even a tiny bit can be deadly.  And make sure all of the Halloween extras, like wrappers, tinfoil, and candy sticks, are thrown away.  The pet can sniff food on them, try to eat them, and choke.


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