VIA is Banking on Tech to Convince You to Try Mass Transit

Conceding that getting Snn Antonians out of their cars and into public transportation won't be easy, VIA Metro Transit says it will turn to technology to make mass transit more attractive, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

VIA says it now has the largest fleet of Wi-Fi equipped buses in the country, and plans to move forward as a 'hub for smart transit.'

"In order for public transportation to stay relevant, we have to be connected to all the innovtion that's out there," VIA President Jeff Arndt said.

National organizations and the local tech community have honored VIA with awards recognizing its innovations in technology.

For example, Arndt says one of the reasons why car commuters don't use the bus is its too difficult to plan a trip.  So VIA is showing off a smartphone app that will allow passengers to plan a journey using several different modes of transportation, and pay for it.

"This makes that planning a lot better, a lot more user friendly," he said.“Smart transit isn’t just about the future anymore. It’s here today with innovative concepts that integrate data, technology, and transportation for a better customer experience,” Arndt said. “VIA’s new payment and planning options, including our VIAtrans Online System, make it easier to access and enjoy our service. We look forward to continuing this discussion-about the value of investing in innovation-with our elected leaders and community as we move toward a more mobile future.”

Smart mass transit is expected to loom large in a county wide transportation plan being put together by Mayor Nirenberg and County Judge Wolff, which is expected to be on the Bexar County ballot next year.

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