Shooting in Violent N.E. Side Neighborhood Claims Another Life

Bullets were flying again last night in what has become the most dangerous neighborhood in the city, Nerws radio 1200 WOAI reports.

Police were called to Mystic Sunrise Street, which is off Binz-Elgleman, on a report of a shooting.

Police Chief Bill McManus says officers were told that a man and a woman pulled up to a home in a grey pickup, walked up to a house, and knocked at the front door.

"Someone answered the door, that's when the shooting started," he said.  "Three people inside the home were hit.  One is deceased, and two were transported to the hospital with life threatening injuries."

He says the man and the woman got back into the truck, which was being driven by a third person, and drove away. They remain at large.

McManus says detectives think it was the result of a 'drug deal gone bad.'

The overnight shooting on Mystic Sunrise happened just two blocks from Coral Sunrise.  Earlier this week, a man on Coral Sunrise was shot three times when he answered a knock at the door.  

Earlier this month, a young mom was sitting in her bedroom on Coral Sunrise when bullets from a drive by gunman who was shooting at somebody else smashed through the wall of her home and killed her.

Police don't know if the three incidents are related.

Tensions appear to be getting worse.  A group of neighbors began yelling at McManus as he was briefing reporters.

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